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How long does the treatment last?

Over time your treatment will soften but never completely disappear. Various factors will effect this softening such as the amount of direct sunlight the scalp is exposed too. This is why we advise our clients to wear sun protection after the treatment.

A top up session is usually required after approximately 3/4 years to revitalise the treatment. This will only require one treatment and the price is reduced for all returning clients.

Does it hurt?

Obviously this varies from client to client but rarely is the treatment described by our clients as painful. Clients usually state that they experience some mild discomfort.


Before each treatment we will carry out a full consultation to ensure we can meet the clients individual needs and that the treatment is suitable. For example SMP is not suitable for clients with psoriasis or eczema.

Does the treatment look natural?

The treatment is slowly built up over three sessions. Your practitioner will build up density, tone and continually perfect the hairline. We use the highest quality pigment, equipment and follow rigorous hygiene procedures in order to ensure a natural looking outcome.


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